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The First and Second Five Year Plans

Today we’re talking about the Soviet Union’s first and second five year plans, launched by Stalin in order to bring the USSR up to snuff with the rest of the world in short order.   The first five year plan focused on building up an industrial base and collectivizing agriculture, …

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Stalin – The Man of Steel

Today we introduce Joseph Stalin, one of the key figures of the Cold War.   We will briefly go into his background and touch on a few things that made him tick and then discuss his complex legacy.    Long story short, Stalin makes the short list of “most evil …

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The Execution of Tsar Nicholas II and the Romanovs

One of the defining moments of the Russian Civil War and world history was the execution of the Romanovs, ultimately marking a turning point in history between old and new.   The implications of the execution were more psychological than anything, but it let Russia and the world know that the …

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