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Meeting At The Elbe

In April of 1945 Soviet and American troops met in the middle of Germany in the town of Torgau on the Elbe River.   This meeting produced some great photo ops and the last “warm” moment between the two ideological camps for quite some time.   While there was a …

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Cold War Weaponry: Radar

While it may not be traditionally thought of as a weapon, radar was probably the most important defensive tool of the Cold War outside of the idea mutually assured destruction.   Both the United States (and our allies) and the Soviet Union (and her allies) were ringed by radar stations, …

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Total War

World War II played out a lot different from previous wars, as the battlespace not only happened at the front lines, but over the heads of the people back home working in factories, rail yards, power plants, docks and other parts of the industrial base that had great strategic value …

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