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Czech Coup of 1948

    Well, Czechoslovakia was supposed to be the feel-good country of the 20th Century but it didn’t quite work out that way, as it was invaded by the Nazis, enjoyed a couple years of uneasy freedom and then flipped to the commies in 1948.  In this episode I discuss …

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Cominform was the “Communist Information Bureau” that Stalin kicked into existence as a response to the Marshall Plan.   Although it didn’t really have any teeth, the organization was significant in that what it represented – a bloc forming rather than a broad, sweeping communist movement.   The Communist Parties …

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Welcome Survival Podcast Listeners!

Welcome! I had a great time talking with Jack today, here’s a few links to some of the things we talked about: The Day After A film version of 1984.  Maybe it’s not as good as the book,  but it’ll do in a pinch. 1984 Red Dawn Politics and the …

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Cuban Shortwave Spy Numbers Stations

I thought tonight we’d talk about something kind of fun and off our timeline. Although the Cold War has been history for almost two decades, a part of it still rages on the airwaves around us – the Cuban intelligence service sending coded messages to their operatives within the United …

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The Iron Curtain (1948)

Today we’re talking about a gem from the early Cold War, The Iron Curtain.  This is the true story of Ivan Gouzenko, a cryptologist at the Soviet Embassy in Ottawa who spills the beans on a Soviet plot to steal atomic secrets from Canadians in key positions, ultimately bringing down …

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The Marshall Plan

  I’m back and ready to jump back in on our timeline.  Today we’re talking about the Marshall Plan, an ambitious program of loans, grants and technical assistance to war-torn Europe in order to jump start their economy.   The United States was looking to bolster overseas markets for American …

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