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Operation Crossroads and the Bikini

In June of 1946 the US Navy tested two atomic bombs on Bikini Atoll in the Marshall Islands in order to test how well a navy would withstand an atomic attack – or were they projecting force to intimidate the USSR?  With 46,000 men involved and 90 surplus ships as targets (and tens of thousands of animals…) it seems like a real waste of resources.  Did they invite the media in order to get this back to the Soviets?

Meanwhile in France, inspired by the atomic testing, a designer creates a teeny swimsuit and names it the “bikini” because it’s “small and devastating, like the atomic bomb’.

This shows how far the atomic bomb seemed into the collective consciousness in the dawning of the atomic age.  I also can’t help but to think that the demonstration of god-like abilities to create a weapon like this, and the potential for god-like applications of the weapon (i.e. wiping everyone out in one fell swoop) *helped* lead to the social conditions that made the bikini possible.

Here’s Bikini Atoll:

Here’s an original bikini:



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