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Rearming and Refitting: An Update On The Podcast

It’s been a while since I’ve been on – I’ve been very busy with my business, www.reddragonherbs.net.  Things will calm down after the holidays and I’ll be ready to resume the podcast and expand it with more social media activity.   I figure as the pop culture of the times change, it’s going to be hard to talk about a photograph, painting, cartoon, etc. on a podcast and I’m going to be better off tackling those things as text/photo or video.   So I’m going to take some time to map out the future, learn a few technical things and of course spend some quality time with the family during the holidays.

Also, a huge announcement – I’ll be on www.thesurvivalpodcast.com next month to talk about Red Dawn, 1984 and The Day After!  This is a huge opportunity for us.

I’ll be using facebook and twitter, but I think we’re going to really stake our claim on minds.com, which I think has a strong future ahead of it as the big boys in social media start to slip and drive off small content producers.   www.minds.com/coldwarcast is the link to my page.

That’s all I have for now.  I’ll come back in a few short weeks with what I’ve come up with and we’ll start back up from there.   Have a merry Christmas and happy new year, everyone.


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