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The Iron Curtain (1948)

Today we’re talking about a gem from the early Cold War, The Iron Curtain.  This is the true story of Ivan Gouzenko, a cryptologist at the Soviet Embassy in Ottawa who spills the beans on a Soviet plot to steal atomic secrets from Canadians in key positions, ultimately bringing down a few politicians and citizens of high standing.

For us, fans of Cold War history, there’s a lot going on in this film that makes it worth checking out.   We get an idea of how we (the West) saw ourselves and our relationship with the USSR at the moment.   It also gives some good insight on how the commies could infiltrate society by taking advantage of our best intentions – some of the people who get wrapped up in the plot you feel more sorry for than others.

I thought this would be something of a throwaway film to cash in on the spirit of the times when I first heard of it, but I actually ended up liking this, even if it is a little over the top in the propaganda department.   Is this the first spy/espionage film of the Cold War?  I think so.





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