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Tito-Stalin Split

In the early years of the fledgling communist bloc, Yugoslavia decides to march to the beat of her own drum.  After all, they did liberate themselves so who is Stalin to tell Tito what to do???  Stalin saw Tito and Yugoslavia as a “loose cannon” they could draw them into a war with the West…and if they were going to do that, they’d want to do it on their own terms, not Tito’s.

Ultimately Tito ended up taking Yugoslavia on a third path, still communist but embracing certain aspects of western liberalism/capitalism.   He was able to leverage his defiance of the USSR with the West to help with economic development.  Pretty smart guy, really.

In this episode we talk a little bit about Yugoslavia’s history, Tito’s history and discuss the rift between the two countries from each perspective, as well as how it was received in the West.


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